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Belly Dance for Fitness & Health

Is belly dance good exercise?

Belly Dance for fitness and health

Janet Vega, daughter Jadaliz, granddaughter Daraliz, and sister Dharma

Yes. The belly dance is based on natural body movement. It is a thorough and effective exercise for every part of the body. Because of this, belly dance is great for all ages, sizes, and body types.

What other health benefits associated with the belly dance?

Belly dance is truly holistic - a mind, body, and spiritual practice. It calms the mind and can transport us to a higher level of consciousness at the same time we are getting excellent physical exercise. These body movements and belly dance music contributes positively to our over-all well being.

Is belly dance hard to learn?

The basic belly dance foundation movements are not too difficult for most people. The majority can get the hang of it within a few belly dance video lessons. Getting to the point of comfortably doing a simple belly dance usually takes a month or two of lessons and practice. Getting good enough to perform publicly is another story. It’s harder and takes much longer to achieve, but it’s sure fun along the way.

Video lessons are a great way to learn about belly dance. Take a moment and view our belly dance video clips

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