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Belly Dance Frequently Asked Questions

Belly Dance Veil In my work as an belly dance instructor and dancer, I have been asked a number of good questions. Over the years I have been asked questions such as, “When did the belly dance originate? ”, “Which culture invented the belly dance? ”, “Does the belly dance offer health benefits? ”, “Do I need to have a belly dance costume when I practice the moves? ”, and so forth.

To help you learn more about belly dance, this area of the site offers those answers to those frequently asked questions.

I have organized these questions into 5 categories:

  1. Belly Dance History
  2. Belly Dance Costumes
  3. Different Belly Dance Styles
  4. Health Benefits of the Belly Dance
  5. Miscellaneous Belly Dance Questions

In addition to providing answers to questions, this site also offers stories, poems and articles about belly dance downloadable mp3 belly dance music and instructional belly dance videos and belly dance video clips.

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