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Belly Dance Costumes / Dance Resources/
Dancers and Instructors / Other / Belly Dance Publications

Belly Dancing Costumes & Supplies

Belly Dance Treasures - Texas-based boutique & mail order costumes

Davina - wonderful books on everything about belly dance costuming, and more

Emeralds - unique hand dyed veils, skirts, and more.

Judith's Head - tribal jewelry and costumes

Unicorn Belly Dance Supplies - a reliable source of belly dance supplies for over 25 years

Belly Dancing Resources

Aziza Sa’id’s Mid-Eastern Belly Dance Page -a fun site for belly dance fans!

Belly Dance Museum - historical information and items

Middle Eastern Culture and Dance Association - M.E.C.D.A. organization for bellydancers

Middle Eastern Dance in New England

Shira's Site - over 100 belly dance subjects to look at!

Two Old Bags - belly dance events in Nevada

Yasmina's Joy of Belly Dancing - lots of great bellydance info

Belly Dance Publications

The Chronicles - beautifully produced belly dance magazine

Jareeda - informative magazine for belly dancers

Zaghareet - a great magazine for belly dancers, classes in Virginia, and more

Belly Dancers / Belly Dance Instructors

Amana -  Amana studio danse orientale in Paris

Belly Dance Teacher Atea - Southern California

Arleah - St. Louis, Missouri

Asmhan - 1001 Nights Belly Dance Show in Zurich, Switzerland

Delilah- Hawaiian bellydance retreats, videos, dvd's, music, & more

Dahlia - Denver, Colorado

Desert Moon Dance Academy - St. Louis, Missouri

The Goddess Dancing - Belly Dance for Body, Mind & Spirit - Boston, MA

Gypsy Fire - Middle Eastern dance troupe and studio in Tulsa, OK

Isis - Isis and the Star Dancers, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Meleea - Dallas, Texas

Miramar - Winchester, Virginia

Pink Gypsy - listings of belly dancers & belly dance resources

Shahina - Chicago, IL

Z-Helene - Austin, Texas

Zanbaka - Seattle, Washington

Zeynep - West Coast Flordia

Other Interesting Sites

Dr. Carolle Jean-Murat - women's health issues

Lange Media - video and audio tapes in German

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