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Goddess / Spiritual Belly Dance

Goddess or Spiritual Belly Dance

Janet and Jadaliz

There appears to be a strong connection between ancient goddess worshipping cultures and bellydancing (read "The Goddess is Dancing" and "What is Bellydance?"). However, it was in the 1960s and 1970s that the modern Goddess/spiritual Bellydance form took root, mainly in the United States. It is a style that explores and expresses the mind/body/spirit aspects of bellydance movement and music, especially from a perspective of the divine feminine.

The Moves: The Goddess/spiritual style of bellydance is easily recognized as authentic bellydance when the majority of the moves are from the belly dance moves vocabulary. Movement elements from other dance genres can be added. However, if enough outside elements are used, the dance becomes fusion bellydancing. Props are common, especially those that can symbolize spiritual concepts, such as veils, candles, feathers, masks, and so forth.

Music: Any genre of music can be used in Goddess/spiritual bellydance. Some popular music types are traditional and modern Middle Eastern, World-beat, and New Age.

Costume: Although almost any kind of costuming may be used, styles are usually soft and feminine with flowing fabrics.

It's interesting to note that the rise in popularity of bellydancing in the U.S. corresponds closely with the rapid growth of the women's movement starting in the 1960s and 70s. As women continue to reclaim equality in economic, social, political, and spiritual matters, the popularity of Goddess and spiritual bellydancing continues to grow.

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