Belly Dancing Video

Belly dance is a beautiful art form that’s great for health and fitness. It’s a fun way to exercise, to express your creativity, or just to feel good.
Belly Dance Videos

Learn belly dancing at your own comfort by watching a collection of belly dance tutorials you can begin with.

Belly Dance Music

Get access to some of the best playlists specially curated for those who love belly dancing to the tune.

Belly Dancing Class

Choose from the several belling dancing courses and join in your preferred sessions to become one of the best belly dancers.

Professional Bellydancers

Learn from some of the best and professional dancers in the industry, that will share their secrets and knowledge with you.

Belly Dance Video Clips

You can learn more about belly dancing by viewing these belly dance video clips from Atéa’s Magical Motion™ Bellydance Instruction Video Series. These video clips feature both belly dance instruction and belly dance performances by some of America’s finest belly dancers. If you get really into it design a room using stencils to decorate.

Learn to Belly Dance!

Belly dance is performed using the entire body, not just the belly. Join us for a session to learn all about belly dancing from us.
Authentic Belly Dance Hip Scarves
Show your well-learned moves with a touch of authenticity by buying authentic belly dance hip scarves that will highlight your every hip movement.
Western Belly Dance Styles
To perform belly dance in a fusion style, learn a combination of traditional belly dancing and western techniques.
Eastern Belly Dance Styles
Learn belly dance, commonly referred to as oriental dance and “Dance of the East,” which consists of hip and torso movements as seen in eastern nations.
Core Belly Dance Moves

From side hip to hip circle and chest lift to chest circle, learn each and every core belly dance moves to improve your belly dancing.

Staccato Hip Moves

Make your belly dancing more expressive, precise, and clear by learning staccato hip moves, where your hips will find the rhythm and move to it.

Upper Body Movements

Not good with your core body movement? Focus on your upper body movements by learning from the basics and making your game strong.

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